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Scan and Listen technology at affordable prices

Our systems scan in any text and lets an individual hear them read out loud in a clear and natural sounding voice. They will read any words that are on the computer screen such as an Internet web page, Email and any other application. Our advanced systems are designed to assist anyone with their READING and WRITING skills.

      • EASY 15 Minute Installation
      • Simple 1 Button Operation
      • Scans in any Text or numbers
      • Reads Out Loud any words that appear on your computer's screen
      • Clear and Natural voices

Scan-A-Page is designed for individuals that would like a whole page of text to be scanned and read out loud to them from their computer word processor.  From here the whole page or any part of the page can be read back to them.

Scan-A-Word is designed for individuals that want reading assistance for individual words or sentences. It utilizes a special hand held portable scanner that can be used for books or magazines.  It easily plugs into any  computer or laptop, allowing the user to scan any words right onto the screen of any word processor. 

Software We have found software to be the very best for helping LDA, Dyslexic, Special Education and assistive technology students be better readers and writers. We not only bundle their software with our systems but we also are authorized distributors and trainers for their excellent software.

Please see the BrightEye Software Specification page for additional information concerning the advanced solutions that we bundle with our systems.



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